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Through March 3, 2019

Telling stories is a fundamental aspect of all human societies, but how have different cultures taken on communicating narratives? And what happens when the ways stories are told change? This special exhibition, developed by Penn student curators Braden Cordivari, Fiona Jensen-Hitch, and Linda Lin for Penn’s Year of Innovation, explores how cultures have innovated storytelling. Fifteen objects—including a Javanese Shadow puppet, a Native American story knife from Alaska, and a Neoclassical period cameo—drawn from the Penn Museum’s international collections, help to tell the tale.


Parts of the Museum are currently under renovation, impacting accessibility. For visitors with wheelchairs and strollers, please use the Group (Kress) Entrance for this gallery. To plan your visit, please click here.

Read about the student curators and their process of discovery here.

In And So the Story Goes... you will discover:

clay tablet

Written stories

Buddhist manuscript

Visual stories

clay storyteller

Stories told by storytellers


Stories told in performances

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