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Engage your curiosity and your connections to people across the globe and throughout time! The Penn Museum offers music and dance performances, film screenings, lectures by notable experts, and incredible behind-the-scenes access to provide opportunities to have fun and enhance your understanding of humans, past and present. Until events resume when the Museum is able to safely reopen, enjoy a virtual Daily Dig, take in a Great Catastrophes lecture, or sign up for our e-newsletter for notifications about Facebook live curator talks.

lecture being given

Great Lecture Series:

Great Catastrophes

What better way to delve into the thrill of discovery than to hear from acclaimed Penn faculty and invited special guests during our signature lecture series? The annual “Greats Lectures” offer visitors opportunities dig into the past through vivid details and incredible insights.

collection of artifacts

The Daily Dig

The Penn Museum is home to remarkable objects and their powerful stories. Every day at 1:00 pm, dig into a 15-minute exploration of an extraordinary artifact.

Coffee with a Keeper meeting

Coffee with a Keeper

Come enjoy your morning coffee in the company of a Penn Museum expert. On Second Thursdays every month, a Museum staff member takes a long coffee break to discuss their work, offering you an insider’s perspective on the Museum from those who know it best!

The new Sphinx Gallery at night


Visit the Museum afterhours to gain access to fun and thought-provoking programs based on the human experience. PM events stoke curiosity and provide special visitor experiences with the amazing collections, interesting topics, and “experts” of all kinds both inside and outside of the Penn Museum – in a relaxed setting, with adult beverages.

A tour in the Egypt gallery

Public Tours

Unlock the wonder of the human story through a guided tour of the Museum’s collections. Visitors can travel through time and space to learn more about ancient peoples in places around the world, along with their connections to present-day life.

A couple in the Mexico and Central America Gallery


Gather is a series of conversations surrounding contemporary issues related to the human story, using the Museum’s collection as a starting point. The Philadelphia community is invited to participate in discussions that aim to foster understanding, empathy, and connections in our globalized world.

A group of friends drinking and learning

Drinking In Culture

Spirits and fermented beverages are deeply rooted traditions across the world, from the production process to the ways in which these beverages are served. Drink in culture, literally, by gaining an insider’s understanding of how alcohol is tied into customs.

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Culture Films

Penn Museum shows culture films once per month on the Second Sunday of the month (October to March) at 2pm. The Culture Films Series is free with museum admission donation.

As part of an herbology course, an instructor stands at the head of a table of 5 people cutting up various vegetables

Adult Classes

Sharpen your skills and knowledge with a course! Learn from special instructors that help you explore what it is to be human – through art, science, or history.

View of the museum at night

Night Vision Tours

Are you afraid of the dark? See the Penn Museum from a whole new perspective during a happy hour with a twist: learning about the collections in the dark, with only flashlights to illuminate the way.