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The work of anthropologists and archaeologists has long appealed to the popular imagination. Traveling to foreign lands; unearthing, out of sand or jungle, cities built by ancient civilizations; finding objects of legend or fantasy—these are the images invoked by archaeology and anthropology. The public wishes to hear stories of adventure, treasure, and romance, and to witness the fantastic artifacts and exotic images that accompany these narratives. Over the years, the Penn Museum has had its own share of historic great discoveries. Adventures in Photography presents us with the diverse human family, and invites us to reflect on our own lives through the lens of the unfamiliar.

Anthropologists and archaeologists study the immense variety of human experience. The photographs of people and landscapes in this exhibit convey the transience of human existence.

Selected from thousands of expedition photographs in the Archives of the Penn Museum, these images both represent a chronicle of the Museum through different phases of exploration, as well as of the discipline of anthropology itself.


Currently Available

Gallery Space

Minimum 225 running feet

Venue Period

12 weeks. Every effort will be made to accommodate special requests from borrowers.


64 wall-ready framed photographs.

Venues may alter the arrangement and number of images they exhibit. Piece labels, section captions, and introductory wall panel accompany the exhibit. These materials are also provided in disc form.

Public relations material will be provided prior to the opening of the exhibit. A hard cover book and exhibit-related merchandise are also available.

Speaker is available on request.


To be arranged by the Penn Museum. Venue is responsible for inbound shipping costs.


Covered by the Penn Museum.


No courier necessary. Qualified staff at borrowing institution will install and deinstall the exhibition.


Facility report must be submitted for review before approval of loan.
Borrowing institutions must complete incoming and outgoing condition reports.
The borrower must adhere to temperature and light controls for this exhibit.


Traveling Exhibits Coordinator
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